Owens Corning

Event: JEC

Location: Europe, Asia

Duration: 10+ years

The challenge

From wind turbines and water pipes to road surfaces and supercars, the fiberglass composites made by Owens Corning are used to make thousands of products lighter, stronger and more durable. With operations in 30+ countries, the challenge for this $7bn Fortune 500 company is to craft a bespoke, but modular build that is consistent throughout all global events.


Conceptual planning

Central to the global exhibition programme is JEC World, the leading international composites show, and a project entrusted to DSA for more than a decade. Combining branding, messaging, product displays, hospitality and meeting rooms, our team has consistently planned engaging exhibition stands that encourage interaction with key international buyers.

Working collaboratively, we advised that the client could reduce the space required with nifty design expertise ultimately saving costs on floor space expenditure.

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Design visual

New for 2019 were a series of experiential zones, designed to create talking points around product benefits. These included fast 3D printing pods, a hammer test to demonstrate durability and a prototype model of a mini F1 car.

Digitalising the clients collateral, we included digital touchscreens and incorporated data capture elements – reducing the excess waste material post show and spend.

The event

Never static, we’re always thinking about new ways to stand out. With each event, we push our creativity to the next level introducing the latest tech innovations to keep visitors gripped.

Spatial analytics sensors measure attendee footfall, engagement, dwell time and journey paths throughout the space. With this insight, we improve future space planning and demonstrate ROI.