Event: IBC & NAB

Location: Europe, USA

Duration: 7 years

The challenge

Architects of virtualized media production, Nevion is an award-winning media transport solution company. For over 20 years, they’ve been providing award-winning, mission-critical, real-time media transport and processing solutions.

Our job was to create a space to entice attendees at both IBC (Europe) and NAB (USA). The environment needed to showcase its full suite of products to explain their narrative and customer journey.


Conceptual planning

Responsible for conceptual design, full production drawings and project management throughout the entire project lifecycle, we set about developing an open and welcoming space.

Demonstration zones were pivotal. With formal meeting rooms to conduct business conversations and relaxed hospitality for more informal discussions – our mission was to create conversation.


Design visual

The result was a modern, open and sleek environment with clear and logical flow, designed to create maximum impact at the show. Informal seating areas allowed for open discussion and relaxed engagement while bright and functional demonstration areas guaranteed that products were showcased.