Event: Medica

Location: Dusseldorf

Duration: 3 years

The challenge

Since 1915, Hillrom has been a global leader in medical technology, inspired by one mission: to enhance outcomes for patients and their caregivers through more intelligent – and more connected – solutions.

For their presence at Medica, DSA was challenged to showcase the products of Hillrom’s seven global brands within a single unified exhibition stand. The mission? To enhance brand recognition, drive awareness, educate prospects and cement their status as global industry leaders.


Conceptual planning

We were responsible for conceptual design, production drawings, project management, manufacturing and build throughout the entire project lifecycle.

ROI and lead generation was fundamental. With this in mind, we created the concept of ‘bringing home into the hospital’ to bring Hillrom’s products to life across an impressive 656 square meter space with a further 150 square meters of hospitality on an elevated mezzanine area.

For us, it was key to manage the customer journey from entry to exit with product, brand and info touchpoints at every step.


Design visual

The finished space was sleek in its presentation. Totally immersive, the double deck stand encompassed nine demo rooms equipped with specialist working tech to mirror hospital environments such as operating theatres, intensive care units and more. The stand was championed by digital touch screens.

Offering a space for commercial conversations, we incorporated five private meeting rooms for one-to-one product education.


The event

From entry point to exit, the exhibition stand was designed to project Hillrom into the buzzy International market. Delivering a complete journey of product and brand, the stand successfully eclipsed competitors and enticed potential customers.