Event: International Broadcast Convention (IBC) & AngaCom

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Cologne, Germany

Duration: 10 years+

The challenge

After impressing Harmonic world leader in video streaming at AngaCom, Cologne, the brand tasked DSA to upscale the stand ahead of their flagship European event, IBC


Conceptual planning

Having previously designed the exhibition environment on a smaller scale, we needed to translate the essence of the design on a much larger scale. Factoring new dimensions, we managed conceptual redesign, full production drawings and project management throughout the entire project cycle.


Design visual

Making an impact was at the top of our agenda for the client’s flagship event. 

We delivered a sophisticated and elegant environment, with modern, open architecture to showcase Harmonic’s visual identity. Meeting hubs, video presentation rooms and treelined seating invited guests to interact. And, with Harmonic’s logo suspended high above the environment, the brand could be seen from all corners of the venue.