Project DSA

Event: Project DSA

Location: DSA HQ

Duration: 2 months

The challenge

We’ve dedicated our lives to creating unforgettable experiences. And it’s been awesome. But after years of creating inspired spaces for brands across the globe, it was time to turn our attention a little closer to home. To project DSA. 


Conceptual design

Inspired by our creative core, project DSA was an opportunity to transform our brand from the ground up. Our mission was to create a brand identity that married our can-do culture and innovative spirit. Working closely with our creative team – we did just that. 


Design visual 

Starting with our visual identity, we crafted a clean and contemporary design underpinned by bold but clear typography. Keeping the colour palette minimal, we paired a premium navy with a complimentary vibrant turquoise to establish a sleek, high-end and modern feel. Establishing our messaging was important also. Drawing on our brand personality and core values, we developed a tone of voice document that shaped our brand voice for blogs, case studies and our super spectacular showreel! 

We then applied the new look and feel across our website, social media and all brand documents. It looks fantastic – if we say so ourselves! 


The result

At DSA, we understand how important it is for your brand to look the part. Often, your brand identity is the first touchpoint for prospective customers. With a newly revitalised website, we can continue to grow our business with a focus on providing exceptional creativity, unrivalled delivery, and stellar marketing comms.