Create an exhibition design to remember

By Alex Sargent

Experience has taught us that your visitor will spend an average of between 30 seconds to three minutes at your stand before wandering off. First impressions are everything; strive to create a lasting impression on visitors with your exhibition stand design, treat visitors well and ensure that your brand is remembered long after the show has closed.

Presenting your business at an exhibition can be the most exciting addition to your annual marketing calendar; exciting because it is opportunity to take your brand away from a screen or printed brochure and bring it to life in a physical, live environment.Yes, an exhibition has potential to use a large chunk of your budget and yes, the planning process can be time-consuming but the benefits of using your resources to bring your business to the forefront of consumer attention is the best means of brand exposure and the opportunity to acquire qualified leads and foremost, a successful return on your investment.

As you begin to consider the design of your stand, you must first establish your exhibition objectives, carefully develop your brief and understand exactly what your team hopes to achieve from exhibiting. Your ideas will be the foundation upon which everything else will be built and your objectives will inform every decision made within the design process.

Importantly, the design of your stand should successfully reflect your brand and its associated values. Consider the booth as a shop front for your business; it is opportunity to showcase your brand in a way which is impossible from the confines of your office. Your stand design should be concise and seize the attention of moving show traffic in order to showcase your business before visitors have opportunity to pass by. Dare to be different, think outside of the box and ensure that your booth is remembered for all the right reasons!

At DSA, we appreciate that investing in superior stand design is your chance to generate an all-important first impression. Presenting your brand with effective and memorable design can mean the difference between gaining new business from a potential new lead or the unfortunate possibility of being overlooked.

If you would like to know more about how DSA can help in designing a truly immersive and experiential stand design on your behalf, we would be delighted to hear from you.