How to attract visitors to your stand and keep them engaged

By Alex Sargent

Everyone wants to be the showcase stand at an event. No matter how big or small, you need to make an impact. An impressive exhibition stand takes ambition, creativity and a solid understanding of how to show your business in a unique and relevant way. Ensure that visitors are excited about what you have to offer. But how can you create this excitement around your event?

Be memorable

Research has shown that we make an initial visual impression in about one tenth of a second and that first impression stays with us throughout all future interaction – whether it is an impression of a person, a product or a business. Use this one-tenth of a second to show people who you are and why they should care. Whether it’s interactive and innovative technology, activities that engage with your audience or an exceptional stand, make it memorable.

Event launch

It is one thing to have a great stand that attracts passers-by, but quite another to get your target audience to the event in the first place.  Creating awareness and excitement beforehand is certain to increase interest, if carried out correctly.  Get your customers to take notice and come to see what you have to offer.  As we described in our Exhibition Strategy piece, you can build pre-event awareness through social media, email campaigns and PR but this doesn’t have to stop on the day.  Post anything memorable that has occurred on social media, as well as pictures of your stand, the exhibition and the crowd throughout the day.  Engage and encourage interaction with your customers.

Offers and competitions

There is nothing like a little competition to get people excited.  Creating a contest to attract attendees to your booth area is a great way for people to learn about your brand in advance and be more excited before they walk into your space.  Offers and incentives to view your latest products or service offerings will boost interest and visitor engagement.  If you are running an offer or contest, you should also inspire social interaction.  Encourage people to start spreading news around your event and reward them for their activities and posts.  Ensure that the offer relates to your overall messaging.  If you have a product sample you can give out, reward people with that. If you provide a service, give people a chance to try it out for free. If possible, try giving out something unique that other companies cannot or don’t offer.