Innovating at social distance and learning to stay agile and pivot in the wake of COVID-19.

Innovating at social distance

As anyone in the event industry knows, no amount of planning can predict the weather, venue or – as we’re currently dealing with – a global pandemic.

Along with event creators all around the world, we’ve been watching the pandemic play out, learning to stay agile and pivot in the wake of COVID-19.

While we are strong believers that nothing will replace the energy, emotion and relationships built at live events, we’re confident that with some elbow grease, digital innovation and quick decision making that we can continue delivering outstanding experiences – regardless of the circumstance. 

When unexpected setbacks derail your event, don’t sit on the sidelines. To help your business bounce back, we’ve put together some options to help you and your company adapt in challenging environments… 

1) Digital Workflows 

What makes digital workflows so attractive to creatives is that the output is versatile and media agnostic.

Whether you’ve designed bespoke CAD drawings or optimised 3D VR models for a cancelled event, don’t let your hard work go unseen. Bring your designs to life in a virtual showcase that creates brand impact, audience engagement and measurable results.

2) Showcase your brand 

When you’ve splashed out on building a bespoke exhibition stand, conference stage or product experience, of course, you want to see a healthy ROI, as well as your vision, materialised. 

So when VNC Automotive’s exhibit at MWC Barcelona got cancelled due to COVID-19, it felt only natural to reconstruct their stand in our production facility, creating a one-of-a-kind content studio for the brand. 

A studio is ideal for many scenarios. In this case, VNC was able to capture unique content to use on social channels to promote their brand and increase engagement. Fantastic content studios can also be great for live streams, hosting influencers, podcasts and interactive workshops. 


3)Virtual environments 

With social distancing, limited travel and working from home considered the new normal, staying on the front foot is more challenging than ever. But, with the excitement of virtual environments offering brands the ability to create immersive experiences and real-time content production, maybe social distancing isn’t so bad after all? 

Bridging the gap between virtual and the real world, our advanced solutions help brands to communicate at speed and scale with the ability to create interactive experiences. 

From an intimate experience to an international conference, we can provide incredible innovation centres, showrooms, virtual exhibition stands and more, customised to your business objectives.  

Alternatives to hosting a live event 

Digital events are nothing new, but recent changes amid the COVID-19 outbreak have meant businesses are looking to digital as the white knight. If your event has been cancelled or postponed, here are a few digital alternatives to maintain momentum and engagement during challenging times… 

Live stream – a one-way communication system, live streams are a great opportunity to create a brand identity with the ability to broadcast anything from product launches to showcases and Q&A’s. 

Podcast – ideal for discussions and reviews, podcasts are an entertaining way to showcase thought leadership and expertise. Recently, podcasts have enjoyed a sharp rise in listenership, which is set to continue to rise in the wake of COVID-19. 

Virtual environment – as previously mentioned, a virtual environment can strengthen your brand’s personality. Using digital assets, your environment is entirely virtual and can be altered and updated frequently. 

Webinar – a combination of the words “web” and “seminar”, webinars offer a two-way communication system, perfect for workshops and digital events around the world. 

Virtual reality – deliver a meaningful and impactful digital event through virtual reality. Advanced applications of VR can offer memorable and exciting experiences for your audience and leave lasting impressions. 

With the uncertainty of when live events will return, it’s down to us, as creators, pioneers and experts to shape a new future for events and experiences to keep exciting, inspiring and entertaining audiences. We predict that adaptability and reactivity will set businesses apart in the sector. 

If you need help transporting your business to the digital world or are looking for new ways to sustain your brand amidst COVID-19, get in touch with our friendly and experienced team today. Together, we can thrive and build a sustainable future for events.